Mapping Out Your Goals + Objectives

In this lesson, we'll discuss:

  • The importance of mapping out goals and objectives
  • Common examples of goals and objectives for social media and content marketing


  • Psychographics - the personality traits, values, beliefs, opinions, attitudes, interests, lifestyles, motivations, aspirations and pain-points of a person or group of people

While it may seem rather obvious to map out goals and objectives for social media, content marketing and other digital marketing efforts, you'd be surprised at the amount of businesses and organizations that do not properly do so.

Defining goals and objectives

Goals are what you're trying to achieve (the end), while objectives are how you're going to get there (the means).

Social media, content marketing and other digital marketing opportunities are in and of themselves the means to an end. That "end" is your business or organization's goals -- irrespective of if they're achieved online, offline or both.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses and organizations -- particularly those that drive revenue offline -- make with digital marketing is that they don't align their organizational goals with their digital marketing goals, and vice versa.

Examples of common goals

Common goals within social media and content marketing include:

  • Drive awareness and recognition with our target audiences
  • Increase interest, engagement, belief and trust with our target audiences
  • Enhance and/or improve customer experience and customer service opportunities
  • Generate relevant leads and sales building opportunities via our website
  • Develop an organization-wide culture that embraces social media and content marketing, and how it can benefit our organization across the board (not just for marketing and advertising purposes)

Examples of common objectives

Common objectives within social media and content marketing, in correlation with the bullet points above, include:

  • Share original content that will reflect our target audiences' psychographics, in line with our brand, prompting our followers to share our content with their social networks
  • Identify the passions and pains of our target audiences, as they pertain to our brand and industry, and share original content that enhances their pleasures and eases their pains, ultimately adding value to their lives and developing deeper levels of interest, engagement, belief and trust
  • Create and share content that adds to our customer experience, and develop systems and protocols that enable us to leverage social media channels for additional customer service opportunities
  • House a significant portion of original content on our website and share it across social media channels, therefore driving our social media followers to our website for lead generation and sales building opportunities
  • Host training sessions and workshops for the different people and/or departments within our organization in order to educate and acclimate them to various social media and content marketing opportunities

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